Living Savvy: Protecting the Homefront Report

A Former New Mexico Educator is Sentenced in Federal Court and
New Mexico Border Town Deals with Aftermath of Gun-Running Conspiracy Op

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Arizona Reaches First Milestone in an Attempt to Thwart NSA Spying

DoD Plans National Drills Amid Antifa Terrorist Threats Set for November 4

Secret Oaths and Combinations: The Cause of Destruction Foretold

Secret Oaths and Combinations: The Cause of Destruction Foretold

09 May 2013 by B Apodaca

Ancient and modern-day prophets have forewarned of the destruction of people and nations. Their words are recorded in the Holy Scriptures, including the Old Testament and New Testament of the Holy Bible, as well as the Book of Mormon and other revealed doctrine.

The prophets have instructed the people... Read more

Latter-day Prophet President Ezra Taft Benson Speech: Book of Mormon's Warning to America (1968)

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President Ezra Taft Benson Talks About the Last Days,

President Ezra Taft Benson Speech: U.S. Constitution Will Be Saved, But Not In Washington (1986)

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President Ezra Taft Benson Speech: BYU Devotional, Warning of Socialism (1966)

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Ezra Taft Benson, BYU Devotional: We Cannot Fully Live the Gospel and Not Be Actively Engaged in the Fight for Freedom (1966)

Who Killed Kennedy: The Conspiracy Behind the Coup d'état

Today, 50 years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, many question the official findings by the Warren Commission stating that John Oswald acted as a lone gunman. The belief that there was a conspiracy is further perpetuated by the fact...more


Edward Snowden: First German Television Interview (ENGLISH)

Posted to Jan-27-2014

On Sunday, 26 January 2014, former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden sat down for an interview on the German television network ARD. Much of the world watched the interview, and it was big news in Germany. However, this interview was blocked (blacked-out) in the U.S. It has been reported that attempts to post the interview to YouTube have resulted in YouTube taking the video down several times. Vimeo has allowed it, however, viewers report that the video does not play. The video has been uploaded to Liveleak and we have embedded the video from their site.


Many question the slow flow of information, and why more information continues to be withheld. The original reporter with The Guardian, Greenwald, is now reported to be working on a book deal. This seriously draws a shadow over the benevolant intentions of the reporters entrusted with this information by Snowden. On the other hand, I'm sure Snowden also needs to consider how he will live and support himself as he is forced to live in exile.

Jacob Applebaum: To Protect and Infect, Part 2

Jacob Appelbaum speaks at The Tor Network (30c3) as part of the Tor Project, Inc., posted 30 December 2013

Jacob Appelbaum Joins Bill Binney (NSA Whistleblower) for Surveillance Teach-In: Full Lecture

Whitney Biennial, 20 April 2012

Jacob Appelaum Testimony Before LIBE Committee Inquiry on Electronic Mass Surveillance

Jacob Appelbuaum Testifies before the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Committee Inquiry on Electronic Mass Surveillance of EU Citizerns held in Brussels on 05 September 2013.

Must Watch! Freedoms Once Surrended Never Regained

How to Better Protect your Privacy and Security Online

While there is no way of knowing just how secure our best efforts to maintain our privacy online really are, we must do our part to protect ourselves with whatever tools are available.

First, I suggest avoiding the use of Chrome and Google, altogether. Most people, however, are not even aware we have other options.

In this two-part video tutorial, I give step-by-step instructions on how to change your computer settings to protect yourself from online "tracking" and the "filter bubble".

Watch Video Tutorials:

Video 1: How to Change Your Internet Browser from Google to...

Please forgive the bloopers!

Video 2: How to Change Your Internet Search Engine from IE, Chrome, Etc. to...

Please forgive the bloopers!

CIA Chief: We'll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

CIA Chief, General David Petreus, gloats that the CIA will use "smart" technology, such as digitally wired home appliances to spy on Americans in their own homes. You will be redirected to


2012 Self-Reliance Fair

09 June 2012

Hundreds of East Mountain residents escaped the summer heat and learned some great new skills at the indoor Self-Reliance Fair in Edgewood, New Mexico.

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Protecting the Homefront

NMANG Trains for State Emergency

30 July 2012

The New Mexico Air National Guard Trains for Domestic Peace Operations During Operation Aztec

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'Tacos' Gather for "Fini-Flight" of F-16s

September 2010

The New Mexico Air National Guard says good-bye to their last two F-16s and the end of their legacy as a fighter wing.

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The Dish on Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)

What are GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods)?

23 November 2013

We suggest some great resources to become informed about GMOs. We recommend watching Seeds of Death, available below, and for in-depth information about the process of producing GMOs, the deception behind promoting these foods, we recommend reading The Seeds of Deception.

Is LDS Cannery a Source for Non-GMO Foods?

09 July 2012

We inquired at our local LDS Cannery, and were surpised to learn that we were the first to ask this question. The volunteer couple working had never heard of GMO foods, so it gave us the chance to inform them briefly about what GMO foods are. We searched online at official Church sites, but found no information was available. So we decided to call Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City to find out. We asked Joel Thompson, LDS Welfare and Cannery Expert/Representative about whether the dry-packed foods canned and purchased at LDS canneries are genetically modified. (Introduction written by B. Apodaca, ARR)

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Monsanto Shells Out Millions to Sabatage California GMO Labeling Initiative

03 September 2012

Determining whether or not the food we eat is genetically modified is increasingly difficult, and there currently are no laws requiring the disclosure of such information on food packaging. However, California is leading the way with Proposition 37, a bill that will require food producers to label GMO foods and provide this vital information to consumers. But the opposition against Prop 37 is mounting. Monsanto, along with other food giants such as DuPont, Nestle, Pepsico, Hershey's, Kellogg's and several other food producers have contributed millions towards defeating the bill. With a vested interest in keeping consumers in the dark about what they're eating, these food producers show where their loyalties lie, in the bottom line, and most certainly, not with their customers. (Introduction written by B. Apodaca, ARR)

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GMOs Cause Animals To Lose Their Ability to Reproduce Discovers Russian Scientist

03 September 2012

A Russian scientist has discovered GMO foods cause sterility in animals, and establishes a case for people's fears of sterility among humans consuming GMO foods. It is no surprise considering GMO seeds are genetically engineered to produce 'sterile' seeds. Unlike natural (heirloom) seeds that reproduce after themselves by replanting, GMO seeds are designed not to reproduce, forcing farmers to purchased new GMO seed each season. Thus, increasing farmers' dependancy upon the purchase of new seeds for future yields, and guaranteeing the increase of Monsanto's profits. (Introduction written by B. Apodaca, ARR)

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Muriel Hemingway Is Heading New Film Aimed at Stopping Monsanto

03 September 2012

Hollywood is filled with celebrities using their notoriety to promote various causes, usually liberal agendas. Many Americans view them as spoiled, out of touch types. So it is refreshing to see those using their celebrity status to truly better society. One such example is Muriel Hemingway. She is heading a film aimed at stopping GMO food giant, Monsanto with a new film, "Stop Monsanto". (Introduction written by B. Apodaca, ARR)

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Hometown Hero Spotlight

Tyranny: Assessing America's Risk

Homeland Security Given Control of All Communication Systems

Obama Signs Another Hushed Executive Order30 July 2012

President Obama has signed another hushed Executive Order, this time giving Homeland Security full control of the country's communication systems ...

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Circle the Wagons! MUST READ

MUST READ! Obama Declares National Emergency
27 June 2012

President Obama has declared a state of National Emergency and implemented an Executive Order against Russian assets related to nuclear items. On 25 June, the President issued a letter to Congress declaring Russia's accumulation of a large volume of weapons-usable fissile material constitutes an "unusual and extraordinary" threat to the security of the United States. (Introduction written by B. Apodaca, ARR)

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¡Salud! To Your Health

Is Your Doctor Receiving Payments from Pharmaceutical Companies?

March 2013

In today's marketplace, healthcare is another commodity, big business aimed at making money, and not always on making people well.

Doctors make money from their patients who expect them to cure them of their ailments. Instead, most prescribed treatments aim at medicating symptoms, instead of determining the root cause and curing people.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies make more money by prescribing medications and ensuring repeat business by sick patients than by curing patients. On top of the money for office visits, many doctors also receive money from the pharmaceutical companies to promote their products. With this type of kickback system, how can you know that your doctor is prescribing a method of treatment with your best interest at heart, or is merely prescribing a medication designed to boost his or her bottom line?

Learn whether your doctor is accepting money from 15 top pharmaceutical companies. Search for your doctor on the Dollars for Docs Database...

Taking Control of Asthma

June 2012

If you suffer from asthma, or have a loved one who has been diagnosed with the disease, you know how it can interrupt your day-to-day life. Twenty-five million people suffer from asthma in the U.S. and another xxx are diagnosed with the disease each year. Knowing what asthma is, and what triggers asthma outbreaks can be the first steps in gaining control over your health, and enjoy life more fully, and normally.

We asked Julie Nowotny, a licensed Respiratory Therapist and Asthma Educator to help us understand this disease, and provide helpful tips on controlling its symptoms.

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